About Us

Innova Training and Development Centre is a Capacity Development, Consultancy and Research organisation established in 2010 and incorporated under the Malawi Companies Act of 1984. We offer contemporary and cutting edge capacity development, consulting, research and project management services to public, private, and not for profit non-governmental and civil society organisations.

Our Mission

We exist to develop transformational capabilities for organisations and people to achieve their strategic goals through provision of capacity development, consultancy, research and project management services.

Our Philosophy

We believe each client has unique needs and expectations and know what they want. We, therefore, take a consultative and interactive approach in undertaking our work with the aim of building on what is already working well and developing internal capacity in the organisations we work with. We also take a systems approach in the analysis of issues and challenges that confront organisations with a view to assisting them to identify integrated solutions to complex issues, which are often intertwined..

Our Vision

To contribute to high performing organisations and productive people that will contribute to transformation of economies and people’s lives in Malawi and other developing countries.

Our Core Values

Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism and Innovation


We offer a wide range of services to take your business to the next level

Capacity Development

We provide capacity development interventions to support organisations to achieve their strategic goals and objectives. Our work in this area includes: comprehensive capacity needs assessments focusing on all aspects of capacity; design of capacity development interventions and; facilitation of implementation of capacity development interventions including training.
We take a systematic approach to training in that we conduct systematic training needs assessments which inform training design. We also offer some generic training programmes based on our knowledge of generic capabilities that every organisation requires to effectively deliver on its mandate. The training that we provide is mainly in the following broad areas: Project Management, Strategic Planning and Management, Strategic Performance Management ( Organisational and Employee), Leadership Development, Public Sector Governance and Management, Results Based Management and Financing, Strategic Human Resource Management, Governance, Gender & Development, Knowledge Management


We provide consultancy services in our areas of expertise including the following areas:
1. Reviewing performance management systems

2 Facilitating institutionalisation of performance culture in organisations
3 Design of organisational and employee performance management systems
4 Development of capacity to support implementation of strategic performance management systems
5 Facilitating strategic planning processes
6 Preparing project proposals for clients while building their capacity
7 Conducting project baseline surveys and project evaluations
8 Conducting leadership capacity assessments
9 Conducting gender audits
10 facilitation of gender transformative programming
11Knowledge Translation

Professional Events Management

Our services in this area include organising meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences; facilitating or moderating meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences; taking records of proceedings and; producing professional reports


We undertake commissioned and non-commissioned research in a number of development related areas in which we have expertise and there is need for generation of evidence and knowledge. Our specific areas of research interest are as follows: Leadership, Performance Management, Gender Based Violence, Governance, Public Health including HIV and AIDS and Social and Economic Management


We provide project management services to enable organisations to secure funding for projects and to successfully design and implement their projects.Our specific services include project proposal writing for organisations,conducting baseline surveys, facilitating detailed project implementation planning, providing technical support and mentorship during project implementation and monitoring and conducting project


If you need to facilitate change in the community then INNOVA is the place to go


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How May We Help ?

We take an integrated approach and collaboratively work with our clients to identify the issues and challenges that impinge on their performance and progress. This leads to identification of practical and implementable solutions to the identified challenges. The solutions may comprise one or a combination of interventions which may include training, coaching and mentoring, project implementation and management support, consultancy and advisory services. The total package depends on the issues being addressed and what is feasible in the context of the unique needs and circumstances of each client, without compromising the ultimate aim of improving the situation of the client.

Our Work

1. We undertake social research to contribute to knowledge and to support evidence based policy making and programming.

2. We provide project management support to organisations and communities that includes situation analyses, needs assessments, project proposal writing, project management, project monitoring and evaluation.

3. We provide consultancy services as part of integrated solutions to performance challenges that organisations face or upon request by organisations.

4. We provide capacity development services using a variety of methodologies including training, coaching and mentoring.

Our Training

We offer the following Trainings


The quality of leadership is what differentiates successful organisations from unsuccessful ones. Leadership is not just about occupying a leadership position it is about driving your organisation towards achievement of the desired results. Our Leadership development programmes aim at developing and advancing leadership competencies among people who are already in leadership positions and those that aspire to be leaders including young and emerging leaders.

LD1: The Fundamentals of Leadership
LD2: Results- Oriented Leadership
LD3: Strategic Leadership
LD4: Transformational Leadership
LD5: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
LD6: Ethical Leadership


Strategic planning and management is the foundation of organisational success. Without a clear strategy to guide operations across the organisation, most organisations muddle through and waste resources without achieving any significant results and creating value for their clients. Our SPM courses aim at developing practical capabilities that will enable organisations to encourage strategic thinking at all levels, develop strategies and strategic plans which they can implement within the context of their mandates and create value for their clients and shareholders.

SM1: Strategic Thinking
SM2: Strategy Development
SM3: Strategic Planning
SM4: Operational Planning
SM5: Strategy Execution
SM6: Strategic Management

Our Team

Innova Training and Development Centre has a team of qualified, highly experienced and versatile full time and adjunct consultants. The core consulting staff are as follows:

Janet Kathyola

Managing Director

Janet is a Public Sector Management and Governance specialist with over 31 years of experience at national and international levels as a civil servant, Consultant and Adviser.

Lloyd Kaulungu Simwaka

Director & Consultant

Lloyd is an Economist by profession with over 20 years of experience from the public sector and non-governmental sector as a Consultant Executive Director and Senior Social Planning Officer.

Rogers Kamanga


Rogers is an experienced Organizational/Institutional Development/Human Resources and Capacity Development Professional.He has wide experience in public sector management for over seventeen years.

Adjunct Professional Staff

Innova has a number of Adjunct professional staff that it draws on based on the expertise required for specific assignments and projects.This is to ensure value for money by bringing in a mix of the best expertise from the market.

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